About Us

Star Locksmith is a company of private craftsmen who repair locks for metal or wooden entry doors in Indianapolis and Indiana state. Each of our master repair and installation of locks has many years of experience with door locks of various designs. Our main specialization is of course installation and replacement of metal door locks. Repair work and opening the door locks we perform too, but it is rather an associated service to you for completeness of service.

In our company you always get advice on choosing the best lock for your door from qualified specialists, because we do not have managers on attracting customers! Orders we get mostly from our partners (lock stores), they recommend us, we do not let them down and this partnership is cherished. And also from you, our customers, on the “word of mouth.

We offer lock installation and replacement services in Indianapolis and Indiana to individuals (major customers) for cash and to businesses by bank transfer. Please contact us, we will not disappoint. And of course a little video presentation of the company.