Locksmith Services

If the lock is broken, every minute is precious. Circumstances are different, a lot depends on the promptness of masters: the safety of property, important documents, expensive equipment, and sometimes even saving a life. We really value your time and are ready to repair or replace the lock as soon as you register your order and guarantee the result.

Metal Door Lock Repair

Entrust security to professionals

You can try to repair the lock yourself. But trying to save money on the service of specialists, there is a risk of losing much more. Even simple mechanisms in inexperienced hands can go bad, which will lead to additional costs, up to replacing the door. That’s why trust the inspection and repair to professionals.

Star Locksmith company offers expert assistance in repairing door locks in wood, glass, plastic, metal (including armored) doors. We carry out rapid repair locks of any complexity, replacement of the latch, as well as emergency opening door locks.

Private clients and commercial organizations can count on our one-time service and long-term maintenance. Registration and payment is made in any convenient and possible way for the customer (cash or bank transfer). We carry out all the works in the presence of a client taking into consideration all his wishes.

The major brands of locks for repair:

Atga Locks, Cisa Locks, Mottura Locks, KABA Locks, METTEM Locks, DISEC Locks, KALE Locks, Kerberos Locks, Securemme Locks, Evva Locks, Mul-t-lock Locks, Gardian Locks, Abus Locks

Types of locks and their suitability for repair

The approach to repair depends on the complexity of the design: mortise locks require twice as much time. When making an order, please specify the information about your door, the locking mechanism and the form of the key, so that the masters can prepare the necessary tools in advance and pick a similar lock if the old one has to be replaced.

The latchbolt is a simple, hard-wearing locking mechanism, which is usually installed on exterior doors: gates, garages. Exterior doors are equipped with improved locking mechanisms. To open the deadlocks, a pencil or fishing line is used, but if the bolt is damaged, it cannot be repaired.

The lever lock is a more difficult locking mechanism. The keys to this lock have a certain set of notches on the bit, which should coincide with the location of the suvald. If any of them doesn’t match the combination, the lock won’t open. The main task of the locksmith to repair the lock is to replace the body or the plungers.

The cylinder is easily repaired by replacing the latch. To do this, unscrew the old fixing screw and put a new one.

We repair all types of locks:

  • mortise
  • overhead
  • inset
  • garage
  • electromechanical
  • electromagnetic

What causes lock breakage

Nothing lasts forever, the lock also has a definite term of exploitation. But situations when the breakage suddenly occurs quite “young” lock is not uncommon. It may be an act of God (burglary), as well as improper, careless operation, temperature and humidity fluctuations, manufacturing defects and deformation. If the key can be turned with difficulty, loosened, jams or creaks you may contact a specialist to avoid unnecessary costs and unpleasant situations.

Set of services for repair of door locks includes:

  • lock repair;
  • reinforcing the door leaf;
  • replacement of the secret mechanism of the cylindrical lock;
  • installation of armor plates and armor plates;
  • reprogramming of the casing;
  • door hardware repair;
  • door lock adjustment in case of the door opening deformation;
  • full replacement of the lock with a similar one.

The principles of our work

To order at Star Locksmith call us or fill out a request online. If you need urgent lock repair our specialists will arrive at your place within an hour. We are working in all districts of the city and with customers who are within 100 km from Moscow Ring Road, and by arrangement, we are ready to go further away.

Repair of locks of the metal entrance door is carried out with departure to the address of the customer.

Prices start from $25.

After the check-up our specialist will tell you if the lock is worth repairing or if replacement is more profitable. Once the list of works is agreed upon we will tell you their full price.

We estimate our specialists, their experience and qualification. We are trying to optimize our pricing policy and provide services at an affordable price. You can study the price list and see for yourself.